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Real Estate Investors Association of North Central Indiana
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Welcome to REIA-NCI!

REIA-NCI (Real Esatate Investors’ Association-North Central Indiana) gears its education and community building efforts toward real estate investors in St. Joseph County, Indiana with concentration toward South Bend and Mishawaka, and surrounding communities.  We have been in existence since 1987 and are now an Indiana Educational (501)(c)6 non-profit Real Estate Investors Association. REIA-NCI organized in order to protect the rights of investment property owners, to network and share information.  We are dedicated to educating our members, teaching and learning how to better invest in real estate to enhance our community.  We are also members of the National REIA.

Since origination, REIA-NCI has grown to include not just landlords, but also rehabbers, wholesalers, commercial real estate investors, contractors, vendors, and service providers who cater to the real estate investing industry.  For this reason we invite you to visit us (at the Sanctuary at St. Paul’s on the fourth Thursday of the month) and see for yourself just how much benefit there is to becoming a member of the Real Estate Investor’s Association of North Central Indiana.

Oct. 27 --SB Fire, Police & Code

REIA-NCI is pleased to have the leaders from the South Bend Police Department and the South Bend Fire Department as our Guest Speakers for our October 2016 Meeting.


South Bend Police Chief Scott Ruszkowski will join us in the first session to discuss issues that are particularly of interest to real estate investors and landlords to help foster a better relationship with his department. This will be a great opportunity to meet Chief Ruszkowski and hear his plans for the South Bend Police Department, the functions of his different departments and what has been working since he took office. We will open up the floor for questions and/or concerns from REIA members that they would like Chief Ruszkowski to address.


South Bend Fire Chief Stephen Cox will join us in the second session. He will be accompanied by Captain Gerard Ellis who is the Fire & Life Safety Educator for the South Bend Fire Department. They will mainly focus on safety issues impacting properties and property occupants, fire prevention and other topics that affect real estate investors and landlords. Chief Cox and Captain Ellis will be distilling a lot of pertinent information within their time slot so do not miss it. We will open up the floor for questions and/or concerns from REIA members for both speakers to address.

For the final session, we will have Lucy McFarland, a technical expert from South Bend Code Enforcement, to walk through and answer questions about the on-line landlord registration process. You may bring you laptop and property tax information for one or two properties to use during the training if you want. 

The meeting is free and open to the public and will be held on Thursday, October 27, 2016 at The Sanctuary at St. Paul's, 3602 S. Ironwood Dr, South Bend, IN 46614 from 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. EST.